An Audere endorsement, for election day

Audere endorses Biden.

First of all, this reflects the view of the editorial staff of Audere, not necessarily the Audere writers, not necessarily the Chickadee Prince authors. We don’t really know what they think. We think that Alan N. Levy, may he rest in peace, would possibly not be voting for Biden. But he was an “iconoclastic” conservative, so maybe he would have.

Voting against Trump would get the U.S. back into the Paris Accords, which would be good for the planet. Maybe not enough to save us from climate change, but it would at least give us some hope.

There are other reasons, health care, NATO, the virus, economic stimulus, all of which recommend Biden, but nothing really approaches the importance of climate.

As a secondary matter, imagine how nice it will feel if we can just turn the volume down a bit. Imagine not having that voice in our ears all the time, the shock of the day, the norm that Trump has newly broken. Just imagine it. Like when the jackhammer outside your window goes silent and the street repair crew goes home.

There’s nothing more to write, now. You’ve heard it all.

Image: Jennifer Griffin / Unsplash