Alon Preiss: The Lincoln Project, What You Should Be Streaming

I assume they will all be on the other side in four years, but for now, the guys from the Lincoln Project are on the side of light and goodness. I still think Trump’s the favorite, regardless of the current polls, but if Trump actually loses this November, then it will be pretty clear that all Dems ever needed to win elections is a bunch of pull-no-punches Republicans on our side. Dems govern better; but Republicans are better at getting elected.

These ads by the group that calls itself the Lincoln Project are really incredibly effective and moving. “How a President Leads” compares Trump’s response to multiple crises sweeping America to other president’s reactions to traumatic moments in American history, Reagan’s response when the space shuttle exploded, Clinton’s speech after the Oklahoma City, and others. The clips from the past remain moving, and especially tragic when juxtaposed against Trump’s unceasing divisiveness.

The ads run the gamut from childishly taunting to daring and powerful. The most taunting of the ads, “Shrinking” , ridicules Trump over his turnout in Tulsa. “You’ve probably heard this before,” a woman’s voice intones, over a shot of Trump’s hands, “but it was smaller than we expected.”

You know, in most years, I wouldn’t really be in favor of TV/web ads making fun of a president’s genitalia.

The most daring and powerful of the ads, in my opinion, is “Treason” which casts the old Confederacy as a bunch of traitors and losers, and ties Trump to their cause. The ad suggests that, if Trump loses, the days of winking at Southern racists may be over forever.

“The men who followed this flag knew what it meant,” the narrator intones. “Treason against their country, the death of the United States…. So why does it keep showing up today at events supporting Donald Trump? What does it say that they’re all in for Trump? What does it say that he won’t condemn the flag of hate, division and losers?”

These ads are really good.


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