Your Daily Funnies: “Krazy Kat” from the Last Pandemic, in 1918

The last time there was a horrible, worldwide pandemic, there was also a World War going on. The Spanish Influenza lasted from January 1918 till December 1920, and the War to End All Wars (which was later renamed the First World War) lasted from 1914 to 1918.

While today every TV comedy show is talking about the coronavirus, what did we laugh at in the middle of the twin horrors of the ghastly  worldwide trench-warfare/mustard-gas conflagration and the flu that killed millions?

Well, we laughed at anything but.

Everyone knows “Krazy Kat,” right? The comic strip about the cat in love with a violent, abusive mouse?

Here’s what Krazy Kat was all about on May 4, 1918, as the flu began to really sink in, and the War dragged on. It was a world apart.