Actress Likes Pumpkin Pie

FEW days ago a number of visitors were in the cafe at Universal City when one woman turned to her friend and said: “Look at that girl with two pieces of pumpkin pie in her hand; she can’t be an actress, or she’d be sitting at a table instead of standing up.”

It so happened that the girl referred to was no other than Mary MacLaren, the Bluebird star, who is working solely under the direction of Lois Weber. She is working at present in a Bluebird production provisionally called “The Mysterious Mrs. Musslewhite,” by Thomas Edgelow, adopted by Miss Weber from a story by the same title in the Live Story Magazine.

Mary admits she has a great liking for pumpkin pie.


This news article originally appeared, with the same headline, in Moving Picture Weekly, 1916.

Bluebird was an early film production company.

The Mysterious Mrs. Musslewhite was made into a film eventually called The Mysterious Mrs. M. It was critically acclaimed and is now mostly lost, except for two reels.