Alan N. Levy: Stop what you’re doing

In July, our friend and colleague Alan N. Levy, the political columnist at Audere and blogger at The Times of Israel, passed away unexpectedly. Tomorrow, September 15, Chickadee Prince Books will publish his novel, a geo-political thriller entitled The Tenth Plague, an acclaimed geo-political thriller that focuses on a future with a nuclear-armed Iran. Kirkus Reviews calls the book “a bombastic and cinematic thriller …  fleet and dramatic,” and in the Times of Israel, Jason Starr calls it, “chilling… terrifying,” and “excellent.” A year ago, Alan had some advice about cherishing every moment, which he passed along in one of his first columns for Audere. “Stop what you’re doing,” he wrote. “Hug your family members and your cherished friends. Our meters are all running.”

The Tenth Plague is available right now in paperback at your local bookstore, from Amazon and B&N, and also on Kindle.