Editor’s Choice: Audere Conversations

We’ve interviewed some interesting writers and artists in Audere, and if you’ve never heard of some of them, then this is the opportunity to learn more.

We interviewed the idiosyncratic filmmaker Kevin Schreck, who made his name with a great documentary on the animator Richard Williams (more on him here); the screenwriter Chen Drachman, on her new film that imagines a family’s Passover secret that will change history; Leonardo DiCaprio (the actor), whose long-ago (probably) earliest interview surfaced in these pages; the great, pseudonymous and anonymous novelist, Torsten Krol, who granted his first interview in many years to Audere, and so many of the great Chickadee Prince authors, like the post-war novelist Jay Greenfield, legal-thriller writer Ed Rucker, poet-novelist Pen Pearson, Donna Levin, the author of contemporary women’s fiction featuring characters on the autism spectrum, and even an interview with Steven s. Drachman’s fictional character, Watt O’Hugh.

We also featured a series of lively political debates between novelist Alon Preiss, on the left, and iconoclastic conservative Alan Levy, on the right.

Take a look.

Image by Suju/Pixabay