Audere Editorial: What will we write about now?

January 20, 2021: Well, everything seems to be fine now. It’s been half a day, and so far, no abusive tweets from the new administration. So we are cautiously optimistic about tone.

Some people are sad, some people are happy. To the sad, we sympathize. Those of us who voted Biden will not gloat. Those of us who voted Trump will not lash out. One day, the tide will turn again. Joe the Plumber might be elected president in 2024. Or Joe Piscopo. Or Danny Bonaduce. So we will see how that goes. Could be OK. Might be bad. Some people would love it.

We could probably use less politics right now, less screaming at each other. It is easier to say that when our candidate has won. But whoever you voted for, we appreciate your readership, we don’t think there is anything funny about your pain. We’ve all been angry. At least all Americans have that in common. If you are looking for things that unite us, still, there is that. We have all been very very angry.

So for at least the next week, no politics at all. Maybe for much longer.

So what is there to write about, now?

We will publish pretty photos from around the world. See above, for example. Isn’t that pretty? (Gosh, it probably makes you feel peaceful, even if you are yearning.) We will publish more stuff like that, pretty and free stock photos. Doesn’t cost us anything, so why not?

We will rediscover humorous 19th century rhyming couplets. Or, at least, we will try. We will look. Cannot guarantee that we will rediscover anything, but we will try. We will write about AJR, Mannix reruns and “Bertha the Siberian Cheesehound.” Who among us does not love funny Siberian cheesehounds? Who among us doesn’t love AJR? Who can honestly say that they don’t love AJR?

But no politics, till at least one week from today. Maybe longer.

Let’s all take a deep breath.


Image by Nick Bondarev.