Shadows/Reflection: Audere’s New Poetry

whose house this is i think i know.
the memories beckon me ever close.
i wish they could see me walking here
between the dust and paths we chose.

the neighbors probably think it queer
to see the house lit up tonight,
not once for over a dozen years
has the fire bloomed and burned this bright.

the whispers rush by against my ear.
i see my reflection flicker and shake.
i almost feel broken down by the fear,
the fear of what will come by fate.

the windows creak and the floorboards crack.
the memories will forever pull me back.
but i have promises to keep and hopes to break,
so i will not rest easy until i wake.


Design by Steven S. Drachman, from an Image by JWahl/Pixabay.

From a young poet who remain anonymous for now, and whose short story, Stardust, was also featured in Audere.