Alon Preiss: You’ve Decided to Impeach Trump? I Leave You Alone for One Week, and Look What Happens!

I’m a Trotskyite, but I caucus with the Democratic Party because Trotsky’s party doesn’t make the ballot here in America.

I recently visited my cabin upstate, which is blessed with neither WIFI nor cable. And the TV is on the blitz. And it doesn’t have a radio.

By the time I returned to civilization, all Hell had broken loose.

Apparently, my party, the Democrats, were downright astonished to discover that President Donald Trump would seek the help of a foreign country in getting himself elected in 2020, and they’ve started impeachment hearings! They seem awfully eager to remove Trump from office and appoint, as their new president, the current veep, apparently a former pornstar who has taken as his nom de guerre the arousing moniker of “Mike Pence.”

This fellow, “Mike Pence,” would then have the opportunity to run for reelection in 2020 and 2024.

I’m not sure what my party (the Democrats) is up to.

At this moment in history, with the world’s environment imploding, they have chosen to talk about … something else?

Did they think, before this development, that Donald Trump was an honest fellow?

Or are they just really big “Mike Pence” fans?

Anyway, I am trying to read up on this development. I’ll let you know what I find out.


Alon Preiss is the author of A Flash of Blue Sky (2015) and In Love With Alice (2017), which are both available from Chickadee Prince Books.

Design by Steven S. Drachman from a photo by Geralt.