CINN Acquires Chickadee Prince Books, Announces New Mystery Novel by Harold Goldberg

(Greenwich, Connecticut, October 10 2022) CINN Group, Inc has acquired Chickadee Prince Books LLC, the eclectic and innovative publisher of acclaimed, high-quality fiction and nonfiction of all genres. Chickadee Prince titles in recent years have included The Last-At-Bat of Shoeless Joe, an acclaimed baseball novel by the Emmy-nominated playwright Granville Wyche Burgess; Figs and Alligators, the memoir by journalist Aaron Leibel; He Could Be Another Bill Gates by bestselling novelist Donna Levin; Mark Laporta’s space opera trilogy, Against the Glare of Darkness; and the Bobby Earl legal thrillers by prominent former Los Angeles defense lawyer, Ed Rucker.

Harold Goldberg

Chickadee Prince also announced today that in 2023 it will publish The Skinny, a gripping new hardboiled mystery novel set in the 1990s, written by Harold Goldberg, whose nonfiction titles, My Life Among the Serial Killers and All Your Base Are Belong to Us, were bestsellers for Morrow and Crown, respectively. Goldberg, who has written for The New York Times, Vanity Fair, New York Magazine and The Washington Post, is Founder and Editor in Chief of The New York Videogame Critics Circle.

The publishing company will be managed for CINN by Beacon International, a multifaceted media company with offices in London, Singapore, Milan, New York, Chicago, Tampa, and San Francisco. Both CINN and Beacon are owned by Mr. Steve Acunto, a publishing and media entrepreneur. 

Chickadee Prince founder Mr. Steven Drachman will remain as managing director, and Ms. Rebecca McLean will serve as executive director, administration.

Mr. Steve Acunto has indicated that the company’s plans for new titles and formats for content spanning the literary and non-fiction spectra will begin apace. 

For further information kindly communicate with Ms. Rebecca McLean at and 212 808 5500, x113.