A Second Look: Why the 4th of July Still Matters

Two years ago tonight, from Florida, the late thriller novelist and pundit Alan N. Levy, author of The Tenth Plague, wrote, “The fireworks on the 4th were spectacular.  And you already know how much I adore hot dogs.  But I also have a deep respect for our military personnel, whether they are white or black, red, yellow or any shade thereof, whether they are of a particular religion, or they practice none at all.” He went on to remember a few.

Read the whole column here.


Alan N. Levy, who died in 2019, was a political columnist at Audere, blogger at The Times of Israel, and the author of The Tenth Plague, an acclaimed geo-political thriller that focuses on a future with a nuclear-armed Iran, published in September from Chickadee Prince Books. The book is available right now in paperback at your local bookstore, from Amazon and B&N, and also on Kindle.